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UPDATE 2020: the project has been frozen for the time being, as I just don't have the resources to maintain it at the moment. Stay tuned at or follow yoniloveproject on IG in case you want to be updated.

so here is a quick update… this blog is basically here for historical reasons, so if you like what I do
and want to stay posted please head over to
or on

I just posted a new blog article - admittedly I am not very active in that regard in general, because I am trying to shift my focus, time and energy on my most recent and passionate project:

This is a project for selflove and empowerment of women. How?
I am creating a gallery of realistic vulva drawings to show the beauty of diversity and the diversity of beauty. 

so yes, I am happy if you head over there. Right now I am still setting up the website and translating the content to german. 

Seeing, that I am based in Vienna ;)

But I will try to run the project in both languages, en and de, to reach a wide audience of women.

You can support me by sending f. e. your yoni photography

Soon I will set up a crowdfunding site and would be happy if you can support me to manifest this movement.

Sign-up to my newsletter (benefits included) on

Love, Myri

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