Alice in the woods

Creativity resides in the second chakra, called Svadhisthana chakra – which means basically ‘the dwelling place of the self’.
The second chakra is located just under you navel and above the pubic bone, and basically it is one of the 7 most prominent energy focal points ‘in’ your body. There are more, many more, but those 7 main chakras are the most popular and widely known.
Incidentally, this is also the sexual chakra – where sexual energy is housed.
Creativity and sexuality come hand in hand, they are two peas in a pod.

How to Balance the second chakra? 

It’s element is water, which symbolizes emotions. So sexuality, emotions and creativity go together – a happy family. If – and most people do – we need and want to balance our second chakra, we can specifically do that by indulging in arts. This can be painting, singing, sculpting, cooking, whatever lights up your creativity. Also playing like children play, cutting paper hearts, coloring or playing with cars & dolls. It does not matter. Go run in the woods! RUN! When did you last run for fun?