Schaufenster Fruehling


This installation was part of the art&culture festival "TatOrt Hernals" (KNH) from 16.-26. June 2011 in Vienna´s 15th district. It is combined with a canvas called "OverKill" - both works go together as well as separately.

The basic idea for me was to question today´s values we fall victim to, this shiny veneer that keeps us up and running, till running out of energy. 
It was done pretty much without concept but mainly going by intuition, but i like the result very much. 
For me, it´s also about nature - or the lack thereof - in modern society, symbolized by the white juice-boxes-turned-houses, which each represent some issues. The question is, are our values worth the effort or rather going down the toilet when scrutinized? Wrong values produce culprits and casualties (hence the blood) - but who is who, are we all, how do we know? 

Of course, it´s not all bad - say the ladybugs ;)

Collage: illuminated installation at night


Meine Ausstellung im Tatort Schaufenster ist hier zu finden für die, die suchen ;)

If you seek you will find... pictures of my exhibition here.