Installation März 2011

Trafficking of women and sexwork

This exhibition was commissioned by KulturRaum Neruda on the occasion of the International Women´s Day 2011. In collaboration with fellow artist Agnes Kilyenfalvi we designed a window installation which corresponded with the canvas comic "SOLD" inside, did a second more subtle installation inside as well as paintings. The exhibition lasted from 5.-28.3.2011.

Since this is a vast topic we first gathered information concerning these issues, then giving an outlet to the (bitter) taste the topics left behind, thereby only hinting, maybe being a little offensive.
Some male observers felt accused by our works, simply because their sex puts them in the same category as the main, if not the sole, perpetrators of this business (of course, also a low percentage of women profit from and partake in trafficking in women) ...

Mannequin wrapped in foil.
Behind her the difference between sexwork and
trafficking in women is explained.

The whole window is covered in a giant EAN-Code,
to indicate purchasability. 
Hope-Trust-Betrayal-Sold: Canvas Comic, 230x100cm, displayed inside.
It´s inspired by a true story of one trafficking victim and breaking it down
to the sadly real pattern of how young women get trapped. 

Food-for-thought about how it might feel
to be looked down on for what you (have to) do.

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